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Only getting 30Mbps out of 150Mbps plan.

Hi guys. So for backstory, I posted a while ago because I was only getting FIVE mbps out of my 150Mbps plan. Yes. Five. I bought Cat6 cables, and for a few months I've been sitting out at the 30~ range. I was ok with this. However, I want to try and max out the speeds now, because 30Mbps is still nowhere near the Preferred 150 plan.

What could be the problem? I have a DOCSIS 3.0 compatible modem (cisco dpq3212), and my router is the Netgear WNR2000v3. This speed is via a WIRED connection. This issue is getting out of hand, albeit I am patient. Please suggest anything and I will try it. It almost seems stupid to keep a telephone and cable plan. Might just get gigablast, because this speed issue shrouds all else in terms of price.

Note: This speed was tested on the Cox website. I get similar speeds, with maybe +-5/10 on other tests. It is consistent.

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    The current setup as described isn't ideal for 150Mbps speeds. The router you have for starters only features 100Mbps Ethernet ports however the CPU in that router will have trouble keeping up with speeds far below that. The modem technically meets the minimum requirements for Preferred however you'd be much better off with a modem that supports a minimum of 16x downstream channels. If you keep telephone you could upgrade to the TM3402 which would provide phone and Internet up to Gigablast speeds. So long as you keep telephone there would be no charge for renting the modem however the router would still need to be addressed.

    I'd suggest first connecting a computer directly to the modem then resetting the modem and see if your speeds improve.

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      Thank you for the suggestion.

      I tried this and my speeds improved by about 15-20 Mbps consistently. This is a clear improvement, although not by too much. I am very curious about how the modem may be also affecting my speeds then, considering the router is holding me back as well.

      How can I upgrade to the TM3402? Is renting a modem more expensive in the long run than just buying one? I tried looking for the modem online and it seems it's only rentable. I found the list of Cox approved modem/router combos and I'm looking into this, is this ok too?

      Again thank you for the help.

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        If you have Telephone service, Cox will supply an internet and telephone modem at no extra cost. You are welcome to purchase your own third-party retail Gateway, as long as it is on the list of Cox-approved modems. We do offer Gateway modems for rental, and there are many benefits. For instance, we offer Panoramic WiFi, which includes the app for free:

        There are many other factors that can determine speed, even on a hard-wired connection. For example, the type of operating system, the age of your device or any malware/viruses can also impact performance. Here's some additional information on correcting slow speeds:

        Lastly, the number of devices you have connected to the in-home network can also determine speed. Please feel free to reach out to us at, Facebook or Twitter for additional support. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    the age of your computer, providing your own modem & router are your bottlenecks. for the last 10 years i've had phone/internet/cable & recently eliminated the phone. i recently swapped out the cox modem for the 3 with a cox combo modem/router. using the included rj-45 cable speeds are now 175/10+ on a 150 system. when providing my own router, the best i ever saw was mid 90's down, 5-6 up.