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5 years ago

Not getting Gigablast Speeds on My Laptop, Phone, or Gaming Stations!


Long-story Short! I've been having speed problems for years many years with my Modem speeds but more so with the overall signal quality to my house. I've been a customer with Cox for over 30 years and they've been the only providers since my home was built 31 years ago.  Anytime there is a new technology upgrade  such as when digital box came first came available, contour 1, contour 2, new modems with greater speed, to now the Gigablast Modem, it's always revealed that I have an ongoing problem with speed to my pin in front of my house which supplies the signal to my home.  Well I'll accept some responsibility in that  I would get worn down when the problem wouldn't get rectified after upgrading each to the newest box or modem and finally I just quit setting followup appointments after many disappointments. Recently this became unacceptable due to my boys reaching College and Career age and constantly complaining that that we were getting way below required speeds for their school work, job requirements, and their gaming. Finally, after my wife got sick and tired of seeing me do nothing more about this problem and accepting defeat, she asked me if I minded her taking over. It did take a lot of consistent follow-up on her part but she also almost immediately found a great contact person at Cox who took a very personal interest in our case once she saw the history and this Cox Rep. stayed with following up on our problem for more than 2 months now.  Today, we had 4 different Cox Representatives show up at our home with the intention of making sure all troubles were resolved before leaving.  Mainly, getting a proper signal to my house so that we could receive any and all benefits of our  Cox Package including our most recent upgrade the Gigablast Modem which we haven't been  able to utilize ever since our upgrade. Now, I'd like to say at this point that Cox Tech's have never been the problem as much as it's been subcontractors who have dropped the ball on our case for the most part. It's for this reason that leaving Cox has never been an option for me while I've seen many of my neighbors go back and forth to Verizon and back to Cox over and over. Today, my Gigablast signal was resolved all due to my Wife and everyone who works for Cox that has been involved in our case since her first call.  There were many frustrating moments; however, what I didn't realize until today is that this is a problem that I could have also handled better. Now, back to the main subject matter; today, after getting my phone working, proper signal to my house, and my Gigablast Modem putting out the reasonable download and upload speeds, My Laptop was still showing less than 90 mbps speed while the tech's equipment was showing no problems at all.  I read where numerous people are having this exact problem. For many of people it's a simple problem of owning equipment that doesn't benefit from the Gigablast technology due to  older equipment.  For Me, it was as simple as going into my settings which were preset to receive only 100 mbps download speed.  I did have the Gigablast card in my computer/laptop but even though my computer was set to auto it was defaulting to the speeds that it had identified when I only had the 100 speed package.  My wireless and my Ethernet cable both had to be reset individually which the techs helped me with and as I stated near the beginning of all of this, all The Actual Cox Employees who showed up today came with the intention of My Family being able take advantage of all the Cox packages options that are on my plan.  I'm very happy that I've never gotten to the point to where I was so frustrated that I switched providers. If I've learned anything throughout this process, it's that Cox does care about keeping their customer way more than I ever realized even though their customer loyalty department proved this to me several years back which is the real reason why I stayed with Cox even when I was at my most frustrated point. I hope this information is helpful to someone who may be in a similar place!

After Today, I remain truly,

Committed to Cox!

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