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My modem is flashing orange. It wasn't doing that before. Is it a problem?

We went away for a few days and came back and our modem was flashing orange rather than greenish/yellow.  Any reason why?

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    Hi Jcarsmith, do you recall what lights on the modem were specifically flashing an orange/amber color? If the "link" light is amber, this indicates a connection is being used on the modem (something's connected to it, perhaps a wireless router). If all the lights were flashing orange, this may suggest a possible hardware malfunction or lack of signal going to the modem. If the US and DS lights are flashing (though the color is typically green), this generally means the modem is trying to acquire a signal from somewhere but is not responding correctly (or the modem is rebooting).

    If the issue persists, please email us at, so we can offer further assistance. Details about the lights on your modem can also be found on our website (type in the model # listed on the modem). -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Thank you, Kevin.  I have resolved the issue.  Everything seems to be functioning well now.

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        Sounds great please let us know if you have further concerns and you're most welcome.

        Jonathan J
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