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5 years ago

my internet is on and off today many times

my internet is on and off today many times. pls fix it right now

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    Mines been doing it for a week, reset everything and it doesn't help.  Are you in Vegas too?

  • I'm in Vegas and have the same problem. Internet drops 2 to 3 time a day for 10-30 minutes. Today wife was on a conference call for work. Call them and they always blame my modem which is less than a year old Docsis 3.0. I pretty sure by the accent of the person on the phone that it's a call center in Mumbai that are just reading a checklist with no idea WTF they are doing.

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        Hi disgruntaled customer,

        I was able to locate your account based on the email address you registered your Forums user ID with and found there was an outage affecting your area on Wednesday, April 22nd. You can access outage information through the Cox app. Please download our app with the appropriate link below.

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        Android Devices -

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      New Orleans here.  Same issues.  And yeah, they'll just push the blame on using your own equipment.  So give it to me in writing,  Cox, that if I rent your equipment this issue will never happen again.  Sure.