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My internet goes out 10-12 times a day and I am try to work….. the speed is fine when it is connected, but VERY frustrating to get kicked off

Internet goes in and out 10-12 times a day.

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  • Hi Connie1,

    I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing any issues with your internet connection going in/out several times a day. I know that has to be very frustrating especially while you are trying to work. Please check all of your connections to make sure they are all tightly connected and look to see if there are any splitters. Are you working over a wired connection or a wireless connection?

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
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    I've had the same. I notice it mostly during zoom calls or streaming. Every few minutes it just stops working. The router reports there's no cable connection. Then it comes back a few minutes later. In the past Cox fixed this - a separate outage would inspire them to send technicians to my area. And the problem would go away. But, it seems cox as moved to DOCIS 3.1 and who knows how that's changed the network. I just replaced my modem and I'm hoping that will help. It was maybe 5+ years old :/

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      @ Alsotrevor

      DOCSIS 3.1 provides Cox Communications with an opportunity to offer Gigabit speeds over HFC. You must use category 5e or 6 Ethernet cables to achieve Gigabit speeds. Let us know if you have further issues after swapping the modem.

      Jonathan J
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