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My Gigablast connection.

A few months ago I started streaming from the Playstation 4 to Youtube directly, every time I would get this popup on Playstation that would say "unable to stream due to lack of upload speed", I was at this time on the 300mbps Download and 10mbps upload, I kept Youtube running in the background and saw it streaming so I just figured it was an error, I started to review the videos I was uploading as they were saved to Youtube and they were in 140p, pixelated. I figured this was just the Playstation 4, so I went out and bought an Elgato HD60s capture card, I began uploading after a few minutes I would get errors that said I do not have the upload speed to upload in 1080p, I am supposed to have a 10mbps upload speed, I figured maybe again this is a PC problem of mine and the capture software was creating a bottleneck.

I decided to download OBS streaming software and run it that way, and to no avail I got the same error for bandwidth, so I started running speed tests, I was getting the 300mbps download, but my upload speed was at .23, I kept trying for days and it stayed the same. I gave COX the benefit of the doubt so I upgraded to Gigablast for the 940mbps download and 35mbps upload, for 5 minutes I was getting the 940mbps downloadand 35mbps upload, it then went right back to averaging between 0.27mbps upload and 1.0mbps upload, I sit here baffled, we ended up with the Gigablast getting their panoramic WiFi router/modem combo, again I gave COX the benefit of the doubt so I got the unlimited data plan, again trying to eliminate any fault of COX, I still got the same exact speeds, I am getting the max download speed, and almost zero upload speed, this is at all times of the day, day and night, I run speed tests so often that before I had unlimited data I had used up 300GB of my 1.24TB data. Again I gave COX the benefit of the doubt, I reached out to their Twitter group, explained my issue, their language was "those speeds are very alarming", so they sent out a technician, he was a very nice guy, the problem however is that from the moment that day started, my upload speed was SOLID, the upload speed was 40mbps which was even faster, this was before the technician even arrived, it was like this the entire day, I couldn't even get the upload speed to mess up, so needless to say the technician showed up, found no real issues, said he noticed some spiking and was going to write a referral so his superiors could come down and check the actual lines, this was a month ago, nobody ever showed up.

Once again I gave COX the benefit of the doubt, I thought maybe the panoramic wifi router was a dud, so I went out and bought a TP-Link gaming router and a brand new Motorola MB8611 modem with 5 Cat8 cables HOPING this would work, I got this on Friday, I'm here on Monday 2/22/2021, and my upload speed is still at 0.27mbps average. 

I'm out of options here, they run a monopoly, and the only other service out here is the lowest tier AT&T, I had to contact the FCC in hopes this will get it fixed, because from where I stand this feels like I'm being throttled, when I contacted COX they said they saw no issues, the tech saw no issues, when I said "coincidentally it works while you're here" his response was "yea its weird how it works out that way huh?" which I couldn't tell was him insinuating that this is a me issue. 

I have done everything from connecting to just the modem, from modem to PC, modem to laptop, modem to other PC's individually, all showing the same upload speed, I have rebooted my modem(s) a few hundred times, I have all new cables, I've checked for errors, I do not know where else to look, I have exhausted all troubleshooting I can find on google.

Has anyone else ever heard of an issue like this? Am I being throttled? How common does throttling happen? Could they think me uploading to Youtube is me doing something illegal? I am paying an incredibly high amount of money for only 50% of what's promised in the package.

I will add images if this will let me showing my speed tests on multiple websites.

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