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5 years ago

Monthly Rate Increases while mbps speed decreases. WHY????

We have been loyal Cox Communications customers for almost 10-years now. We live in the outskirts of town, and Fiber-Optic is only available... and only through Cox. My husband passed away last year, my cat died a month after Him, I lost my job due to the COVID-19 (like most), but Cox Communications continues to increase my monthly rate WHILE LOWERING the mbps speed! I have Internet-Only Service for $69.99/month with 300mbps; they stated that the speed would be reduced to 150mbps, but $69.99/month would stay. I have less than three devices, and there is NO Gaming!

Can anyone help me, refer me, advise me, or just give Cox Communications some lessons in kindness? 

There are NOT any other Fiber Internet Providers in my area, and the Internet Providers that are, (AT&T, Earthlink) have speeds of 25mbps and less. 


I just want a lower monthly rate! BUT I WANT TO KEEP MY 300mbps speed. 

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