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Mesa AZ upload speed 0.25

I have the Gigablast Internet.

I talked with tech,
Replaced my modem.
Even had a technician out to check our lines.  No problems detected for the lines.

Still I'm regularly getting major impacts to my upload rates.

Some impact I can understand, generally talking about what I assume are peak hours occurring between 600pm and 8:pm.
But I keep seeing large chunks of time with out upload speed being between 0 MB and 0.25MB.
Our download speeds fluctuating at this same time between 100MB and 300 MB
Jitter in the 80 to 160 range.  (not super sure what this represents.
The ping find at 15 during the test.

Multiple devices in the house confirm the same effect.

I've by and large had really good experience with COX, and customer support has been great already around.  But the actual product  I could not recommend to anyone.
And I'm very likely to reduce my service at this point, as Im clearly not getting anything reliably above the minimum service anyway.  I'm out of other ideas as I think we have tried everything else at this point.