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Just switched from AT&T to Cox and can't login to my FedEx account. After a week of back and forth it seems to be the firewall at Cox. How do I change it? Thanks

Have tried clearing cache, 4 different computers, phone and browsers. The only thing that has changed is switching to Cox

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    This is a stab in the dark, but does FedEx require you to register your device?  If so, it may not like your new IP.  Can your re-register it?

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    What error are you getting? If you can reach the login page,, then you are not getting blocked. If you are able to type in a username and a password and it gives you an error after that, you are going to have to contact Fedex, as the issue isn't Cox. The are providing you a path, and that path is working if you reach the login page and are able to enter the information.