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I’ve had enough!

I am a Cox customer. Have been since April 2019. I pay $200+ for gigabit and tv. I deserve and pay for services that are being restricted. I am sick of it. 

The packet loss I experience is ridiculous, the rigidity of “having” to use Cox equipment (further limiting my ability to access the actual internet), and the BS customer service has me fed up I can’t take it any longer!

I live in a very nice part of Orange County, CA and this type of garbage shouldn’t be tolerated by ANYONE...even if it’s free!!!

Give me back my internet and freedom Cox!  I’m done asking nicely. Next up is legal advice. 

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    rigidity of “having” to use Cox equipment

    What rigidity?  What Internet device is Cox forcing you to use?

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      I was wondering the same. While they push their modem, they also publish the list of modems they support for 3rd party purchase.  I’ve used my own modems with them for well over a decade as I can’t stand the “all in one” ** they peddle, and believe in separation between the modem and router devices from a security perspective. 

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    free/package deal with rent?

    do you live in an apartment/townhouse where feed is shared?