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Internet has been going out for over 5 weeks with no help in sight.

Backstory: I have lived in my condo for over 3 years and have had cox the entire team. I have not experienced any issues with my internet. My primary PC was hard wired and everything else (Firestick, etc) was over wifi. I had to move my PC set up to another room and switch that over to Wifi via USB adapter. About a week later that's when the issues have started.

My internet started dropping in and out regularly (working for an hour- out for 20 min) some days it would just be out completely. 

My first action was to get a new modem. (That didnt work)

Had the first service tech come out, not say much but tell me it looks good to go and left. About an hour after he left, internet went out again. 

2nd service tech came out and said he replaced my line but my conduit drop line outside needed to be replaced and that was done via a vendor.

I struggled with cox for weeks getting the vendor scheduled, and after the 2nd visit and before the vendor, i had my 3rd cox tech out.

He informed me that the 2nd tech replaced the line, but connected the modem to the old line and that was my problem. He moved my modem and said i was good to go. As he was driving off, my internet went down again. 

Finally the vendor arrives to look at the drop line outside, he says he is going to talk to his supervisor and left (never heard from him again)

Finally after still having problems with consistent drops, a field supervisor comes out to take a look. 

He tells me that the new modem I got was never linked to my account and that was the issue. He replaced my modem and assured me it was properly linked and i would have no problems. It worked the rest of the night after he left, that was yesterday. Today my internet has dropped over 15 times (which is a pretty good day).

Has anyone ever experienced consistent problems like this? 

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  • @NickRad, I recommend sending an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    What specifically loses Internet service?  A modem losing service is 1 thing because it's hardwired to the network in your neighborhood.

    A device losing service is something else because it's wired or wireless to your network (router).  So, you have 2 networks to consider:  neighborhood or router.

    Do all devices lose service or only the primary PC?

    Why did you suspect the modem?  Was the modem indicating a problem?

    Granted, the cabling outside your condo may have been getting faulty and eventually needed to be replaced; however, this may not have been the original problem.  It may have been soon enough but it wouldn't have affected wireless.  I would have troubleshot the router.

    If you're renting a combo device, however, you may have indirectly troubleshot the router by replacing...but it apparently didn't solve the problem.  What's the make/model of your router?