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I want to change my DNS on my Panorama gateway.

I don't see the location to where I can change the DNS on my Cox router. Your service has too many hops to the outside for me to do what I need to and lots of dead routing when I tracert to the location I need to connect to.

I searched the forum and I only see the answer "we don't support changing DNS" Now I'm a good Computer Networking Tech so lets both be honest here. We know that's absolutely NOT TRUE. Firstly you had to set a DNS in the first place for there to be a DNS forced on us. I don't want to use your DNS server beucase of the spying issue I'm aware ISP can do, plus latency and throttling. I'm a game streamer and the dead hops and bad routing is a major issue for me. I don't want to use a VPN, but if I need to I will. However it would be much easier if I could just plug in and so I get a better connect to global DNS and so you can't spy on me. not that that last part is my goal I just want a faster service and less latency to what I need to do. 

So, now that we;re both being honest here and know that DNS is a required setting on every device and not hard coded, I ask

how do I change my DNS to something I want to use and am comfortable with using that is not a cox DNS address? 

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