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27 days ago

I have been a Cox 'customer' since 1994

I am doing all in my power to soon rid my self from their so-called services.

email has already been off-loaded to a third-party. Just guess how support plays out.

Channel selections are horrendous...unless you go for the woke, the broke. I have no interest in any of the sports channels - and before you go there, it's because I won't support overpaid and over coddled narcissists, not to mention the take a knee fools. 

Cox is over priced and under serviced. Time to cut the cord



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  • Hello SDC94,
    Thank you for your business to Cox for 30 years! We value your business and want you to remain connected to the content you enjoy and need. When you have a moment for support, could you email us at with your first and last name, complete address, and a copy of what you've shared here? We can review your account with you to see what possible options are available that may help.

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      No. Especially now that Yahoo, as bad as Google for privacy and security, is hosting my email. No way I'm putting my name and address out there.