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2 years ago

I have a far better idea......

Can this cable company stop its insane "pride" propaganda?  I mean, commanding our adoration and "celebration" of nothing more that a bunch of people who claim some sort of sexual preference?  Is that the vacuous standard of the New World Order's "Great Reset?"  A preference?  We're supposed to glorify and idolize and cheer on a preference?  Or a skin color?  C'mon man!  Cox should be a champion of celebrating those who actually go beyond these vapid identifiers and into the much more hallowed and worthy arena of accomplishments, achievements, excellence and other positive energy that emanates from one's CHARACTER!  

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    Consider leaving cable.  Your cable dollars support woke networks... And if you just need internet, there are cheaper options.. I just bundled my internet with my cell provider, and it was only $35 more per month for basically the same speed internet, as opposed to $106 per month for fast internet with Cox.  Its a huge savings.  The stupid ads of Cox where the dad or guy is a dithering idiot and the mom and daughter know best, those ads really hastened my choice to leave Cox. 

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      The purpose of Cox Communications is to provide services, not to annoy a large percentage of customers.  Fire the employee who decided virtue signaling is a good idea and use the savings to reduce our monthly bill.  By the way, why is there only 1 day to memorialize our veterans but an entire month for other groups?

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      Thank you, Allan.  I posted this message here because it's titled "Internet Forum" and there was no other facility offered by Cox to express my opinion. 

      Could you please forward my message to the appropriate management representative at Cox?  It's important for all of us to fight the grifting, politically woke leftists who are systematically destroying America's nuclear family and our children.  If you don't understand how they are doing it, right under your nose, please do a little research.  With all sorts of children present, a group of nude men marching in a "Pride" parade several days ago has no reservation about screaming "we're after your children."  Yep, Google it, and you'll see what I mean.  Is this what we want in our country?  Inclusivity does have its reasonable limits. The Pride movement if rife with attacks on the innocence of our children, which has no place in our society.  This group of people does not qualify for any special recognition because of a mere sexual preference......let's start celebrating people who have bonafide achievements, accomplishments, excellence and other positive energy that emanates from their CHARACTER, and not their genitalia!        

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    I am curious, what type of response are you expecting from this? You do realize this is a technical forum right?

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      OP is referring to the Contour screensaver.  Cox wants us to say "blacks only" into the voice remote.