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I don't get it....

My bill started at $92/mo, then we decided we needed a bit more, Cox said $102/unlimited for life UNLESS I changed my plan. Few months go by, it goes up to $107, then a few more months it jumps to $112/mo. Then last month I get an email that says unless I upgrade my plan my new bill will $135/mo that would get me "gigablast", but for $123/mo I could have unlimited, ok, not liking it, but ok...then I get a text that says we have reached 75% of our data (with 3 days left in the cycle), so much for "unlimited"

Then today I do Live Chat & the representative tells me, "you changed your plan", yea because Cox forced me to if I wanted to keep their service.   Ok, but that doesn't explain all their rate changes & not honoring their promise of $102/mo. He completely blew past that AND then tells me my bill is going to go up to $171/mo. Say what...I've never ever even come close to being over EVER.  That he can't give me any better price...yea, but Cox us the one who kept jumping the prices?

This is all in exactly one year...beyond ticked off. There has got to be better way of doing business.

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