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21 days ago

How long do I have to pay a late bill before disconnect?

I've been trying to move my payment date as I have hit some rough times (blown car transmission) and my bill will be paid late.  Every time I try to do this, I just get a message that says  "Sorry something went wrong. Please try again or contact us."  I've tried to do this on the app and two different internet browsers but still no dice.

I reached out via chat and no one could tell me any specifics, but they did try to sell me more services.  I just need to know how long it is, typically, before I potentially run into disconnection.  Also, how do you apply for a payment arrangement?  Again, the agent I chatted with either didn't know or wouldn't say when I asked.


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  • Hello LadyValeria,
    I myself had issues similar like what you are seeing and understand how important it was needing to prioritize purchases till that cleared up. I'm sorry that the self-help options resulted in errors when attempting online within MyAccount or the Cox App. I get how crucial it is to remain connected especially if you or family work or learn remote. 
    We would need account specifics to answer billing details, and we don't want you to post your account billing details on this platform, but you may email us at with your first and last name, complete address, and the URL link to this forum comment you've shared. Another option is you may reach our Collections Department (even if your account is not in Collections) by calling 1-866-647-4482 24/7 to go over any possible payment arrangements.

    Should others in the community want to know how to make a payment arrangement or extension, these steps online should work If issues arise like the example above, please reach out over the phone or feel free to email us at for billing questions/help.