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High latency and packet loss in OC country (CA)

Hello everyone and dear cox 

I used to have a very constant speed and good ping here that I am able to play games. However, when the COV 19 hit hard, everything went down and I started noticing the lag while playing games. Right now, all my family members are relying on the internet to survive, they work online and I am studying online too. But with lack of constant speed. It has been a month already and nothing has changed, ping even gets worst. I am pretty sure everyone here reading this post is experiencing the exact same problem. If Cox cant provides a good quality service then please let other IPS in because you guys are the only one IPS here in my area and that **. I want to switch to new IPS for so long already but I cannot. People should spam more threats about this issue and file FCC so at least Cox will do something about this. 

Thanks for reading this post. 

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    Same here in Irvine. Ridiculously high ping and latency. I'm hard wired to my modem yet my games are still unplayable. So frustrating.

  • Filed a FCC complaint and they told me they weren't planning on fixing it this year. Best of luck