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Help me read my modem status so I can maybe understand my frequent internet outages?

Title sums it up, I'm attaching an image of my modem status that has been running for about 32 hours. The issue that I am dealing with is service interruptions that last between 5 seconds and 5 minutes. I have dealt with this issue for a long time but it is getting more frequent, the interruptions impact streaming from youtube, disconnections from online games, as well as voip dropping out. The issues have occurred across different modems and routers and I have been able to isolate the connectivity issues to only affecting external network communications as I'm able to access all the devices on my home network with no issues.

I have filed more than one trouble ticket over the years and have had technicians help troubleshoot over the phone and come to my home. As is the problem with any "interment" issue it always happens that the problem doesn't manifest when a tech is on sight; however, one time I ran a ping test for 24 hours and demonstrated that I had greater than 10% packet loss. Technicians have replaced cabling outside my home as well as reported there was an issue with something at the box for my block and while it seems to go away for a few weeks it has always come back. LOL even as I write this the internet dropped on me for 15 seconds.

I am not a network engineer and I haven't been able to find a source on how to read my modem status does such a reference exist? I'm trying to understand what is normal and what is abnormal when it comes to SNR, power, correctables vs uncorrectables etc?

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