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Help: Cox IMAP and SMPT servers not working

Several days ago, the Cox IMAP and SMPT servers stopped working. I called Cox “Costumer Care” to seek some kind of resolution and that was a waste of my time and I ended up getting a basic “F-you” from both Max and Maria.


I spoke with two representatives who confirmed that the settings on my end were correct and then told me that I had two options to do more.


The first option was for me to contact Microsoft because I was using Outlook. However, as we had just confirmed that everything was good on my end that suggestion made absolutely no sense and seemed more like Cox giving up responsibility to provide me the service I pay for.


The second option they offered was for me to buy an additional service. I was told that, once I was paying for this new service, only then would they connect me with someone that could actually help to resolve the problem. So, I would have to pay them more for someone address a problem on their end to get the service I was already paying for!     


So, does anyone here know what is going on with these servers. My settings match what is shown on the Cox website and my system has been working for the past 8 years. Nothing has changed on my end.



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