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HAVE NEW cox modem/wifi and upgraded internet ... probably 10 times worse for the past month since i had it first day

Ever since i went into cox store they told me they can give me a new promotion for higher speed internet 150 preffered internet with newer and better modem/wifi.

whatever so i accepted it and first day installed i have had the worst internet for exp playing any game it will constantly lag entire day/night

thought modem was broken went to cox again they switched it out and still the exact same..

i went from 100 to 150 prefered internet speed
i went from old modem to newest and "best they had "

talking to people in any cox store is literally useless they just say maybe your modem is bad just replace/
talking to any cox online support literally like talking to robots and they will tell you same thing over and over and over ... reset your modem , unplug for 1 minute let it reset for 2 minutes.... blah blah all thje same with a outcome nothing fixed 

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