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7 months ago

Hampton Roads Data Cap

I used to work for Cox so I know in certain places that had fios as a competition, Cox never did data caps. Where I live in Hampton Roads being one of them. 


I log in today to check the app- as my network started acting up (of course) and saw I was at 75% of usage. 

I wasnt aware they started doing data caps for Hampton Roads and I was never even notified. Bad move on their part considering all the competition they have with fios AND metronet soon. Tried to call and see when they did this and no one could answer me. Kept telling me "you never had unlimited data." which is only true because it wasnt a thing I needed up until they removed the data cap! 

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    I was under the impression that even when the meter works, they still don't enforce the cap overages if there is fiber competition. It's the same where I live in RI. I would try going over the cap and see if you get contacted/charged. If you do, I would switch to FIOS, but that's just me.

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    The meter shows a cap in hampton rds, but there isn't one. I updated my PS5 and reloaded all games, and kinda went over by a terabyte, no cost. 

    16 years, 1 in T1, 12 in T2 and 3 in CAG. We probably know one another.