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6 years ago

Gigablast Speed issues

I am certainly hoping someone has run into the same issues that I am having cause I am running out of options. I have the gigablast service and even when I am using a wired connection the best speed I can get is around 700 Mbps down however my upload speeds are usually just fine. I am running an HP Spectre x360 convertible (2017 edition) and am using a USB-C to RJ45 adapter. Also even when I connect using wireless the best that I can get is around 450 down and around 400 up. I am fully aware the wireless will be slower.

I am using an Araknis router and Araknis gigabit access point.

I have checked everything and everything seems to be running fine yet I have no idea why I can't get download speeds up around 900 consistently. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    If you want to exploit network speeds, use a network cable.  USB is not a network cable.

    USB is designed to transfer data between hard drives over a short distance.  Meaning, a USB cable has a very low tolerance to distance.  I'm not confident...perhaps someone can check me...but USB-C may be 10 to 15 feet.

    Even if you directly connect a Cat-5e cable to your DOCSIS, you still won't get 1 Gbps.  Routing overhead and data retransmission consume about 10 percent of your bandwidth.  Although Cox guarantees up to 1 Gbps, they're including the necessary overhead and retransmissions..."badput"...into your throughput.

    You also share the network outside your house with your neighbors so if one is hosting a 4K game server, it'll affect the available bandwidth to your house.

    If you're getting 700 Mbps through a USB adapter, you're doing pretty GD good.  450 Mbps wireless sounds about right.