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6 years ago

Gigablast promoted, but not available according to Cox contractors


I upgraded to Gigablast in November 2017.  I have only been able to achieve download speeds of 200-260 Mbps.  Uploads have never been a problem.  The modem has been switched out 3-5 times, I have tried different routers, multiple visits from Cox to the house, still no luck.  Today, another visit, fro Cox xontractors, they tell me that the node is unable to transmit gigablast speeds.  They told me that the node is is "Fiber DOCSIS 3.1 Enabled" but I need the node to be "Fiber and HFC Gigablast Enables."  I have been paying for Gigablast for many months and according to the two contractors, I cannot get it.  I would like some help to see if I can get Gigablast enabled and I need to talk to someone about what I have been paying for versus what I am able to get.

Thank you,

Michael Miller

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  • Hi Michael. I apologize that you are having internet issues. Please email us your complete address to along with this information in order for us to assist you. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator