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Gigablast? nothing changed.

So I'm a twitch streamer, This is how I make income. And for more than a month the 30mbps package I was paying for was only getting 1mbps to 5mbps and it was very inconsistent. SO I called cox and they sent a tech out. He said line was fine, and the issue lies with the modem, So I purchased a new modem and upgraded my service to the Gigablast package hoping that would fix it. Well, issue fixed for like a day, then back to terrible speeds. I called and complained that I was being throttled several times and instead another tech was scheduled to come out to check the lines. A day or two before the tech showed up my speeds went to "normal" 500 down 20ish up. I can work with that. But now for several days in a row I have been once again throttled and MY STREAM is dying with no content for days now.  

Can someone please help me. I pay for these speeds for a reason.