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Frequently losing packets in evening.

I have been dealing with this issue for several months now, and I am frustrated.  They problem only happens in the evening, so when I call Cox they say the modem is working fine so it must be my issue.  But I have the problem when wired directly to the Cox modem, no router or WiFi involved.

Problem details:  The internet works fine during the day, and partially into the night.  But some nights I get a lot of packet loss.  Which makes it so I lose the connection to MMO servers, and my Discord connection will drop bars and show lost packets.  This usually happens about 8-10PM, but not always.  

Please note that I have tested it with a Ethernet cable running directly to the Cox modem, so it is not my Router, or my WiFi.  Here is an image of Ping plotter to a Discord server from tonight, while wired directly to the modem.

When the problem happens, it happens in multiple games.  Tonight it was so bad I could not play Neverwinter at all, as it kept disconnecting or rubberbanding me back 100 feet.

Previously I had changed the modem, but still have the problem.  Before Cox gave me a free upgrade to faster service, I never had a problem.  Without changing anything at all, I can go from perfectly fine to dropping packets.  I have tried other computers, other cables, and totally eliminated my router/WiFi.  I can't think of anything else I can do.

I think there is an over loaded Cox node, that only shows up in the evening.  Or they messed up the upgrade.

What can I do to get this fixed.  For months I have had this problem.

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  • Hello Sterlin. I recommend having a device perform a ping plotter to multiple sites for test comparisons (google, yahoo, etc) when this issue is happening and send those results to with your full name and address so we can look further into this issue for you. Thanks. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      I contacted support@cox, and they sent another tech.  He came out and checked things and didn't find a problem.  (obvious, since it only happens in the evenings.)

      He said he would monitor it for ten days and get back to me.  It has been more than ten days, and I had several problems during that time.  I have called him twice now and he hasn't returned my call.  So, it seems that was a waste of time.

      So, Allen.  I have monitored multiple websites before.  When it happens they all seem to be effected, discord, world of tanks, Neverwinter,,,  As I said, I can reproduce the problem without my router involved, and on two different computers.

      What website do you want me to ping plot that would help you.  

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        You can try running a pingplotter test to a few different sites of your choosing that you're seeing issues with the connection to.