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Frequent Disconnections every few hours.

Hello, this will be my first time talking on the Cox forums. Our family has had issues with our Cox internet for a few years now, and have been trying to get things fixed off and on when we could or when it had gotten worse.

To sum it up, we've had techs come out multiple times as well as had agents check things from their ends. We've been told its bad lines, to bad modems. Line on the house has been replaced twice, as well as a Barrel adapter changed. We've been told the issue is down the road, to the issue is the house. We've shown multiple techs our modem logs to which they say everything is fine, but then have a higher up tech say things are not fine.

Its all very confusing, and we try not to be a nuisance by calling too often. Thing is, its been going on for a few years now. You can only get so much credit before its just not worth the headache. I'm going to post our current modem logs as of 8/10/2021 at 5:30pm as we just lost connection again. I can only hope after reading some of the helpful posters from other threads that maybe we can get this solved.

Something I've noticed is that when it disconnects there is a very high ping and almost no traffic can make it out of the house (Outbound packet loss of 20-100%) for about a min until the modem goes back to working. I only know this because I talk a lot on discord, and watch the health measurement of my connection to the server. I could be completely wrong but I figured I'd mention that. Here are the logs below.  This is hosted on, hope this helps.

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