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Firestick NO LONGER Connecting to Panoramic Wifi. Was told to PAY to have Complete Care to have it resolved!

My Amazon Firestick no longer sees my Panoramic 5ghz wifi network. Firestick is fine as it can see my neighbor's networks. I was able to find similar postings on the internet and the solution is to change the Wi-Fi band channel to channels between 149 to 165 or channels between 36 to 48. I searched the Cox Wifi app and cannot find the anywhere the settings to change the band channel.  Contacted COX support and was told I had to join Cox Complete Care for $10/month so they could help me. This is ridiculous and unacceptable that now I am paying for internet and cannot use my Firestick anymore until the band changes since it seems to be set by COX. 

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    Ensure your 5ghz ssid is different than the 2.4. If they are the same, it will only see the one, and connect to the best frequency automatically. BTW, 2.4 has double the range of 5 ghz, and is fast enough to stream 4k video. 

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    Wi-Fi band channel to channels between 149 to 165 or channels between 36 to 48

    Those WiFi band channels aren't anything "between" but specific channels based on your selected channel width.  The similar postings were recommending to use "non-overlapping" channels on the 5 GHz band.

    Not only have I read you can't change channels...but also the channel widths.

    Do what Mouth recommends.

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      I have a wi-fi router but unfortunately COX no longer allows for bridge either so now I would need to purchase a cable modem to replace the Panoramic. I will probably just do that and not have to deal with the COX Panoramic anymore.