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Excessive data usage fix. Cox support has never mentioned this when asked to help. Turn your network to a metered connection, save tons of data.

This is the second time it's happened to me personally, but I can't help but think it happens to A LOT of other users and they are either paying for a data plan they don't need or they're paying for overages.

I noticed my data usage started to sky rocket after I got the panoramic modem from Cox. I couldn't figure out what in the world was using all this data. I don't have an unlimited data plan because I only use about 30gb/day on average and the base plan is more than enough typically.

The problem is when a new wifi network is setup through Windows 10 it isn't set as a metered connection by default. And this will open your network up to be included in the distributed windows update deployment network.  Which means Microsoft will by default use your data to push Windows updates to other users. Yesterday my data usage was 155gb, which is crazy.

Setting your wifi connection to "metered" turns this off, but it is on by default, so unless you set go in and set it, Microsoft will be a huge data leak.

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    MS must have a Bridgehead Server to connect the 2 peers' connection.

    The only downfall to disabling share would be sharing updates from 1 computer on your LAN to other computers on your LAN.  If you only have 1 Windows device, no problem.  Multiple?  Each has to download through your metered connection.