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2 months ago

Email transition badly mishandled.

 The arrogance, the stupidity, the short-sightedness, and the lies about a "seamless" email transition. I hope you go out of business.  I am researching internet alternatives and will cancel Cox as soon as I'm able.  I've also noticed how you made it difficult to post this comment.  Cox will be discussed in future MBA classes as one of the epic big business screw ups.  

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  • Hi Danilo. We truly apologize for any trouble that you may be experiencing with the email transition. We do not want to lose you as a customer. This transition will allow for our customers to have up to 1,000 gb of free storage, and also countless other accessibility features. If we can be of any assistance to you, please email us at for further support. 

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      I feel for you AllisonL: tough work dealing with the rage Cox email customers are experiencing with this disruption in their user experience.  It's the decision-makers at Cox who did this, and I don't blame anyone else in the company who's just there to make a living.  Those decision-makers deserve to have their employment terminated, including the top executive who green-lighted this.  

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        We truly value your feedback Danilo55. I will ensure that it is forwarded appropriately. We understand that change takes time to accept, we truly apologize for any issues you are experiencing along the way of the transition. If we can be any help, please feel free to email us.