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2 months ago

Email Switch to Yahoo and Outlook

Unable to connect Outlook using POP or IMAP instructions for Yahoo Mail.  It appears Yahoo is not set up for Outlook to connect our email accounts to their POP or IMAP servers ( or   Suspect the servers are rejecting anything that isn't a extension.  One would of thought Yahoo would have planned for this ahead of time for the extensions.  When I was able to talk with a person, their suggestion was to wait 24 hrs. and try again.  i.e. trying too soon after the switch

The switch to Yahoo mail is anything but good.  Since switching, about half the time Yahoo is not available and/or takes repeated logins.  Yahoo's AI chat bot (AKA Help) is not set up to be much assistance to those with a extension.  Yahoo wants you to pay for premium service to resolve all but the very basic issues.   Always referring you to a tutorial on Yahoo's help page.... which most have already looked at before starting a chat.


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