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Email on cell phone unable to send when travelling.

Email works fine when in town (Las Vegas) when user is out of town, they can receive emails but sent emails sit in outbox until they return to the valley. IMAP settings are correct, password is correct. On Android using K-9 mail reader, all settings for outgoing are matched to what is required (again works perfectly when they are in Las Vegas). 

Advised user to use webmail until a fix can be found.

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    If you are out of town/overseas, or using a wifi network on a vpn, you will have issues sending using smtp.

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    You might be able to contact Cox to authorize your account when out of network. Designed for people who go over seas but don't see why it wouldn't work here. Would just need to do it every time you leave town.

    Also, aren't you the email user? Or is this a business situation?

  • I traveled to Ireland and was completely locked out of my email which was extremely inconvenient as I needed email to correspond to the people in Ireland. I spent hours on the chat with Cox and in spite of them promising to fix it within 24 hours day after day it never was fixed. When I returned home I was locked out and had to get Cox to unlock it. Funny thing is my husband was able to use his Cox email the entire time. Just another example of the incompetence of Cox and how their "support" most of the time have no idea what they're doing

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        I couldn't get on my email so I couldn't send them an email. I also couldn't call them because I didn't have service so I was stuck with the worthless chat option where the dozen people I chatted with all had different answers and every last one of them was incorrect