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Due to the recent weather event our teams are assessing your area.

Weather alert - Due to the recent weather event, our teams are assessing your area. We are aware and will update you with next steps as soon as possible.

COX support has been sending me this Text message for 7 days; when does "assessing your area" become unacceptable in a digital age with work from home customers? Consistent lag, jitter, buffering of video, video gaming is impossible with rubber banding, but if you contact support, it's "there's an outage in your area." There really needs to be better communication when issues are happening, have they even started assessing, are they working to fix the issue?

Seven days is a long time for such a high premium customers pay that's constantly rising. 

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      When the tornado sirens went off last Saturday night shortly before 1:00am, I turned to a local TV station and saw a map of Oklahoma with solid red across the state from top to bottom. The derecho that hit Tulsa extended 350 miles with maximum local straight winds of 98 mph.  Live TV pictures showed a virtual, fireworks show of power outage flashes.  I unplugged everything and watched it out a window.  Damages were extensive across the city, but I sustained no damage at all.  I thank God for that.  Public Service Company of Oklahoma reported 204,000 outages in Tulsa.  My power was restored this afternoon (Friday), with total outage time about 8 hours short of six days.  To Cox's credit, when I plugged everything back in and turned on my TV and computer, all Cox services functioned normally. 

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        Wow! I am so glad you are OK and there wasn't damage. Can't believe some people called this "windy".