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4 years ago

Device says paused but it’s active in the app

We just got a new panoramic modem/router from Cox. It’s been nothing but problems from day 1. We run speed tests on the computer and it says we’re getting fast speeds but pages do not load and we have to disconnect our phones from the WiFi completely to get it to work. The latest issue is that when I try to use my laptop after not having used it in a couple of hours it says the device is paused. I go into the My WiFi app and it says the device is active - not paused at all. The only way I can get the laptop to work is to restart it every time. But that only works for a few minutes. After a few minutes of use pages won’t load again. I’ve called Cox, spent endless hours on the phone, I’ve had a service technician come out, and they’ve been no help at all. We can’t work or do school at home. I’m losing my mind. Any help is appreciated. 

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    Don't ignore the signs.  Panoramic is a bad router.  Tell us some stuff and we'll recommend some equipment.

    Do you subscribe to telephone service from Cox?

    What's your data plan?

    How many wireless devices do you have?

    What frequencies do your wireless devices use?

    How big is your house?

    Do you want to control what your kids do?

    How much do you want to spend for a router?