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Cox WiFi Pods Myth: Mesh Network or Booster?

Hello All,


I own 6 Cox WiFi pods connected with the Panoramic WiFi modem, originally recommended by Cox technical support for my house (approx 3000 sf) to create a reliable mesh network.

I bought the pods a little over a year ago when they first came out.

Over that time, I've received conflicting information from Cox regarding their WiFi pods:

The website and sales people say it is a creating a mesh network which was my reason my goal, Cox technical support tells me they are boosters/extenders.

Current Problem:

My network is unreliable with 6 pods and seems to work better...although with weaker signal strength...without any of the pods.

When I call Cox tech support now am told that the pods are not really creating a mesh network and that I have way too many causing reliability issues.

Since Cox sells these and seems to not know what they are selling, I am hoping someone here can offer some ideas/solutions.


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    If you just set-up and powered-up the devices, it's a mesh.  If you had to manually configure the device to connect to your main router, it's an extender.  Mesh devices are pre-programmed to work together.  Boosters/extenders require you to program for your main router.

    If you have signal problems throughout your house, mesh is probably your best option; however, your fundamental problem was buying equipment from Cox because it's not very good.  You got ripped.  There are plenty of reviews on the Internet for a better mesh.