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Cox outgoing server requires Cox email but Cox doesn't create them? WTF HELP!

Cox apparently decided to cancel creation of COX email address as of Aug 2019. Fine... they probably saves them money and liability and certainly wasn't done for customer convenience. I didn't really need a COX email as primary email anyway. However, now that I realized I Didn't transition my Frontier outgoing server out to COX when I signed up in August 2019... I have no COX email to log into. This creates a problem because the Outgoing Server requires authentication and login... WITH A COX EMAIL!!!! How can I send emails with no COX Outgoing Server information and outdated COX Outgoing IMAP server sheets from over 6-7 months ago.  I AM PAYING FOR THIS SERVICE... you are my ISP... therefore I am contractually obligated to have internet service provided... it's in the definition.  How is there not a work around for this.  The incompetency at COX with their shortsighted strategic planning is astounding if this is the case.

The customer service Chat was abrupt about incompetently saying I needed a Cox email, then me telling him they don't have them anymore... and then basically saying I can't have my Outlook work at home anymore then and then providing the generic COX number to call... which is of no help.

Doesn't anyone have ideas of successes they can share before COX get sued by a lot of people?

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    You can also sign up for and use any other free email provider out there like gmail, yahoo, apple mail, windows live mail, etc. and use their incoming/outgoing server information instead. 

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    you apparently  have internet service, just no email.