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2 months ago

Cox Internet Outage AGAIN!!

I am so sick of cox and their BS. They change your plan whenever they feel like it In order to make your bill higher. It took forever for me to get the ACP benefits to finally kick in when it started. Now it's being taking away bc the government claims to be out of funds. And cox is loving that bc now their purposely uping the prices on everything. And on top of it there getting rid of the email service. That's the only reason why I have stayed with cox. I have had the same email for years. It's the only one I use. I had a yahoo account years ago and they suck, they have ads. If I wanted to use yahoo I would have chosen them along time ago. But now we're being forced to go to them. I have hundreds of emails saved in certain folders through cox. There getting rid of email but yet going up on prices. And what's really pissing me off is I can't watch 15 mins of TV without my **bleep** Internet going out. It goes out and comes back on, then out and back on. They need to get their s**t together for once. This is the worse company I've ever had to deal with. They should be giving everyone free Internet and lowering their prices for all the crap we gotta deal with. 

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    You realize you can use a mail client with yahoo mail, and avoid having advertisements, right? It's not the fault of Cox ACP benefits took a long time, it's the Government. As for Cox changing your plan, I do not believe you. Cox normally sets up a 1 or 2 year contract and at the end of that contract, your price may JUMP up to the actual price of the plan you are on, and that can be avoided by reading your bill and taking the appropriate action when you see that your plan is ending soon. MY plan ends February 2025, I will call a week before the end, and setup a new plan to keep my low prices. 

    Now as for watching tv over the internet, are you noticing the internet go out on ALL devices when the tv goes BLEEP, or is it just the TV? 

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