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2 months ago

Cox Courtesy Credit for going over Data Allotment

On data meter page it says:

($) Courtesy credit: You have 1 courtesy credit to exceed monthly data usage without charges. 

Tooltip: Cox will waive overage charges for the first month you go over your data plan

What does it entail?  Does it only pay the first first $10 only?  Or does it cover all of the overages for that cycle?  So if I go over by 150GB, do I pay $0 or do I pay $20 ($10 free for the first overage, then pay rest)

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    ok cool, so the whole thing.  Yeah, the max overage is $100.  

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    Curtesy credit is a one time overage credit, for the entire amount. (I believe the max overage charge is 50$ or 100$ I am sorry, i cannot remember). If you have people watching a lot of 4k tv, use alexa, have hi-def security cameras uploading offsite, then you may want to consider upgrading to Cox's unlimited data plan.