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Could T3 timeouts every 5 minutes and downstream dBmV power averaging ~13 be causing internet to drop every few minutes?

New modem. Have paid to updgrade speeds twice now and internet is still giving is problems. Starting to suspect it's an ISP issue but I'd like some input. Thanks!

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    T3 timeouts will cause a brief drop every time they happen, especially in terms of upstream data (so on a video call the person on the other end will see you glitch or cut our for a moment). Your downstream power levels are at or slightly above the recommended maximum, but your SNR is quite low in comparison. You also have a very wide variation in downstream power between the 800/900 MHz band and the 400 MHz band. My gut instinct is that there is a bad or unnecessary amplifier somewhere in the mix that's amplifying a lot of noise along with the signal. The wide variation between power on upstream channel 1 and the other upstream channels also points to something on the line that's affecting frequency response. Hopefully connecting directly to the drop fixed it. If not, there may be something in the plant that a Cox tech would need to look at.

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    T3 timeout errors are caused by too much noise signal on the upstream channel. ... If the cable modem cannot raise its upstream transmit power level to a level that allows successful communication within the maximum timeout period, it resets its cable interface and restarts the registration process. Did you also swap coax cable when swapping the modem? If you have another coax outlet you can also try that.

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      I have not tried another coax cable, but bought a new one since I am not sure of the age/condition of the one I have. It is connected directly to the drop from the pole so I hope this fixes it!