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4 years ago


I lose connection to my internet throughout the day.  My IPAD will not stay connection and I cannot connect with Zoom on my Chromebook.  It says I have a weak signal in my hours.  This gets very frustrating.

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    Same here.  Is someone going to fix it.  I am using my personal hot spot.  Is Cox going to pay if I go over my data allotment???

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      That would be nice if they would.  

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      @ Candle lady

      If you still having an issue please email your full-service address and full name to, so we take a look.
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    I have the Premium 200 plan and usually get 130 - 190 Mbps. Since Saturday 04/18 we are getting between 400Kbps to 30Mbps on a 5Ghz wireless network with a BRAND NEW Netgear C7000 modem/router. I have had two calls with tech support and reset my modem and router at least ten times. There's something the F**k wrong with the signal or the cabling around here. My wife and I both work from home, even when there's no plague. We can't have this ***.

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      Hi Davehoward,

      I was able to locate your account based on the email address you registered your Forums user ID with. In reviewing your modem, I am showing signals that are out of the preferred range. Packet loss and latency are detected when pinging your modem. Check your connections: Please ensure that your connections are secured, your cables are undamaged and are in good health, and bypass any splitters by making a connection directly from the wall to the modem. Restart your system: Please reboot the modem (and router) by unplugging the power to the modem (and router) for 30 seconds and then reconnect it. Make a wired connection: Connect a computer or device directly to the modem using an ethernet cable. Make sure that WiFi is turned off on your device. If you are unable to make a wired connection, click here: on how to improve WiFi/Fixing Slow WiFi to ensure you have the best connection from WiFi. Bypass Router: If you are using a stand-alone router, try bypassing it. You can connect via a wired connection directly to the modem. You may need to reboot the modem again to re-establish a handshake with the new device connected. If you are still having issues, please email us at with this post, your full name, and complete address so we can investigate further.

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    If you're still having an issue please reboot the modem and hardwire a device to see if you can access the internet.

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    I called in as well to complain about my speed for the last 2 weeks no answers so I asked for a credit and they gave me 46.00 to cover 2 weeks i know it doesn't  help much with the speed issues but there some satisfaction in the credit and i will continue to ask till they do something about the speed, I'm paying for 300-30 and am getting no where near this!  with there speed test I'm getting 94-30 and with I'm getting 31-30!! i don't trust cox speed test i believe they tweak it in favor of cox.

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      I did not even bother to read your comment but it says "speed" in it so I am going to say please visit or reach out to our tier 1 technicians that are going to ask you to reset your router!!!