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10 months ago

Connection Drops Multiple times a day

I have an Arris S33 modem that seems to lose power multiple times a day. 

A tech had to come out a month ago to set up the single coax cable that runs to the modem and it worked great for a couple of weeks.

I have posted the upstream/downstream channels. 

Downstream channels

Channel IDLock StatusModulationFrequencyPowerSNR/MERCorrectedUncorrectables
45LockedQAM256429000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
1LockedQAM256783000000 Hz3 dBmV44 dB18915
2LockedQAM256789000000 Hz3 dBmV44 dB00
3LockedQAM256795000000 Hz3 dBmV43 dB00
4LockedQAM256801000000 Hz3 dBmV44 dB00
5LockedQAM256807000000 Hz3 dBmV44 dB00
6LockedQAM256813000000 Hz3 dBmV44 dB00
7LockedQAM256819000000 Hz3 dBmV43 dB00
8LockedQAM256825000000 Hz2 dBmV43 dB00
9LockedQAM256831000000 Hz2 dBmV43 dB00
10LockedQAM256837000000 Hz1 dBmV43 dB00
11LockedQAM256843000000 Hz1 dBmV43 dB00
12LockedQAM256849000000 Hz1 dBmV43 dB00
13LockedQAM256855000000 Hz0 dBmV42 dB00
14LockedQAM256861000000 Hz0 dBmV42 dB00
15LockedQAM256867000000 Hz0 dBmV42 dB00
16LockedQAM256873000000 Hz0 dBmV42 dB00
33LockedQAM256357000000 Hz5 dBmV44 dB00
34LockedQAM256363000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
35LockedQAM256369000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
36LockedQAM256375000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
37LockedQAM256381000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
38LockedQAM256387000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
39LockedQAM256393000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
40LockedQAM256399000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
41LockedQAM256405000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
42LockedQAM256411000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
43LockedQAM256417000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
44LockedQAM256423000000 Hz5 dBmV45 dB00
46LockedQAM256435000000 Hz4 dBmV45 dB00
47LockedQAM256441000000 Hz4 dBmV45 dB00
48LockedQAM256447000000 Hz4 dBmV45 dB00
159LockedOFDM PLC300000000 Hz3 dBmV44 dB12082560


Upstream Channels

Channel IDLock StatusUS Channel TypeFrequencyWidthPower
1LockedSC-QAM17600000 Hz640000036.8 dBmV
2LockedSC-QAM24000000 Hz640000037.3 dBmV
3LockedSC-QAM30400000 Hz640000037.3 dBmV
4LockedSC-QAM36800000 Hz640000037.3 dBmV
6LockedOFDMA36800000 Hz4400000032.5 dBmV


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    When you say "lose power" do you mean the device is actually losing electricity? What do the logs say? Be sure to edit them for your CM-MAC address for privacy reasons.

  • Hi Ryan32,



    I'm sorry you've been experiencing further service trouble. I'd like to take a closer look at some additional log details. So I can access and discuss your account and service, please email me at Please include your full name, address, and a reference to this thread.



    Thank you.