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5 years ago

Configure router directly?

I'm trying to modify the bitrate permissions on some of the devices connected to my router, but am unable to find such an option in the My WiFi options page on Cox's website. I tried to connect to the router directly by using its IP address, but Chrome comes back with an error claiming the router refused the connection. Is there any way I might be able to configure the router directly without using the atrocious My WiFi page? There's almost no options on it. 

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    I'll assume you have a Panoramic router and an all-in-one device (DOCSIS + Router) due to the My WiFi app...all of which I do not have experience.

    The error may be attributed to a certificate error.  There should be an icon near the address field to block/allow authentication.

    The IP address you're entering may be the address of the modem side of your all-in-one.  You'd need the IP address of the router-side to configure the router.  The router IP should be listed in the Network Places directory of your OS.  Or, if you're familiar with Trace Route (tracert), you could Trace Route to the IP of the modem to get the IP of the router.

    I've never heard of bitrate permissions.  Bitrate is negotiated between the NICs of your devices and router during logon.  There is, however, a Quality-of-Service (QoS) feature on routers to assign priorities to certain devices.  Check that out.