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Can't get information from Cox on when internet connectivity will be back.

In New Orleans.  Came back after 11 days of power outage and was able to connect to internet soon after.  Fast forward more than a week and internet is out again.  It has been out since 4am yesterday morning. No updates from Cox, no information on when it will be restored.  My whole neighborhood is extermely frustrated.  Most of us are working virtually and need internet to do our jobs.  If this were an outage to repair lines that would be understandable, but we at least deserve to get an update on how long this will go on.  I am personally losing customers and much needed profit because of this lack of internet. What can we do to try to get some information from Cox.  (I signed up for text alerts and updates but apparently they haven't done a single one even though internet (and cable) have been out more than 35 hours.  I have tried to contact customer support but just get redirected to another topic/page without any in-person contact information.  Help! If you have any ideas, please let me know. 

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    Preach on....preach on.

    Same here in Jefferson parish metairie. 

    They are trying to get it working but we are not getting answers as to what failed.  We get connected and then disconnected.  Paying for 500 but getting 20 when it comes on but it drops out.

    Plus now they want the bill paid and some customers cannot get online to pay the bill,  hmmm.

    Entergy knew what happened and they let us know why power was out.  COX is a huge company that can let us know what is the problem. 

    At least let us know if this is related to poles being down or are there other pieces of equipment in the area that need inspection???


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    We understand how frustrating this has been and apologize that you are without service. Although you have power in your home, the Cox engineering equipment in your area may still be without commercial power. For safety reasons, once power has been restored, Cox must receive clearance from the power company before we can bring our equipment back online. Please know we are doing everything we can to speed up this process and restore services for all our customers. For information about our storm recovery efforts,

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