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Cannot sent emails to any email address using third party clients

I can not send emails from outlook 2019 (desktop) or outlook 2016 (laptop) or my Samsung 7 email app to email addresses.  I can send it via the cox webmail client.  

These were all working a few weeks ago.   I have reset my password, didn't help.  

I can send emails to any other email address and they work,  just not email addresses.

They act like they go through, they go through outbox then to the sent folder but they are never received.  

I never get any error messages or any indication that the email bounced or didn't go through.

I cannot send emails to my own email or to a friend with a account.

I see from the link below that others have had this issue.   Has anyone ever resolved it?  How?

I have seen this issue listed in this forum in a couple of places, but no solution listed.

I checked this page out but it was of no help.

I talked to 8 different Cox tech support personnel  tonight and they were all nice but did not solve my issue.

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  • Just to confirm, are you attempting to send these when connected to your home (Cox) internet connection or through a different connection? If somewhere else, that could have an impact (not saying you can't send from a different IP address, but could be something we would need to look into).

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        @Virginia Mark, so you are able to send and receive emails successfully through your Samsung smartphone, however, you are unable to do so while logged in to your in-home WiFi network?

        Can you please verify your server settings for both Samsung and Outlook?

        Without Transport Layer Security (TLS) enabled, our customers are more susceptible to having their passwords compromised. This is why SSL/TLS encryption is now required for client devices and/or software. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I am experiencing the same symptoms using Outlook on our home PCs running on our home Cox network.  Same issue occurred around June of 2019, which resolved as mysteriously as it appeared.  Now it is back.

    Issue:  When running Outlook mail client on either of our home PCs -- Outlook 2013/Windows 8.1/POP3, Outlook 365/Windows 10/IMAP -- I am unable to send email from any of our addresses to any other address, including our neighbors who happen to have cox addresses.  Self-to-self mails show up in the Outlook 365 SentMail folder AND in the Cox Webmail "Sent objects" folder, but never make it to the Inbox in either Webmail or Outlook.  No error messages.  Traffic from Cox to other addresses --, -- works fine, both directions.  Traffic originated in Cox Webmail works fine.  All PCs are up to date, with latest Outlook builds, and Cox-recommended POP3 and IMAP settings.

    I am however able to send cox-to-cox emails when: 

    I connect my PC to my TMobile LTE network via hotspot, or I move my PC to another Cox home network (Chandler, fyi.  My home is in Phoenix.)

    I use my Android Outlook client on my smartphone (connected to the LTE network or to my Cox home network via WiFi), or my wife uses her default iPhone mail app.

    Any suggestions?

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      Based on your info,  I just turned off my home wi-fi on my phone.  So, using phone company ...and that email was sent and received fine.   Thoughts?

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      @Middlejimbo, Are you using a vpn such as with a work computer? If so, I recommend not using the vpn and try again. Also, I recommend bypass the router temporarily and try a direct to modem connection. This is to ensure that there are no router settings causing an issue. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Thanks for the prompt reply, Allan.  Note I am also Middlejimbo...had to create a new name to re-join Forum for some reason.

        I am not using a VPN.  I get why you are suggesting a router bypass, and I will perform that experiment this evening, but a router filter doesn't explain why cox-to-cox mail are showing up in my Cox WebMail "Sent items" folder if they were not making it past my home network?  You are free to dig around in my WebMail to analyze those sent-but-never-received items.

        UPDATE:  In an attempt to avoid sending cox-to-cox for a mass email (~100 addresses, which includes multiple recipients), I originated the email from my address.  I received an Undeliverable notice listing all of the addresses indicating timeout due to "450 4.4.318 Connection was closed abruptly (SuspiciousRemoteServerError)".  When I sent the exact same email to a single addressee from my address, and it went through without error.