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Anybody else get the most dreadful customer service when trying to disconnect their service?

I am now on my 3rd call to customer service because this link says that I MUST call to have my services disconnected on the first two calls I was told I had to transfer my services to the new address. I advised the rep that the property ALREADY HAS ACTIVE INTERNET services and it was just a cancellation of service. The first rep at this point hung up on me. the second call was made and the same conversation took place the same. I am now on my third call and still no answer this is absolute *** of a way to run a business. 

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  • Hi FlyingBurrito, I am truly sorry to hear about your experience, however, the forum's members are not going to be able to assist you with this issue. Please reach out to us through Facebook, or Twitter @coxhelp, or by email:

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    Mike J.
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