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2 months ago

Another outage?!

At what point is Cox going to start providing some kind of credit for all of these outages? Customers are required to pay their full bill regardless if we actually receive the service, and regardless of the quality or consistency of the service this company is providing. Pretty tired of the constant outages for lengthy periods of time. Every now and then I get, but it’s happening more and more frequently. Not impressed with whatever recent “updates” were done that required service to be down for the majority of a day. Ever since then we’ve had way more outages and service issues. Over it. 

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    We are also going on day 3 of no internet service. No notice or call to let us know it’s not our router or our issue. The last call to a real person was met with rudeness. They said it is what it is!  He kept saying it wasn’t policy to not notify customers but that it is what it is!  No kindness or reassurance at all. Try to  get a live agent via text tell them you expect compensation. I have had my bill adjusted but the amount is very minimal ( less than 10 dollars for 2 days)! 
    we are at their mercy and our area needs an alternative provider!  Cox I’d horrible!!!!

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      Hi, sorry to hear that you've been 3 days without any Internet service.  I'd like to help!  Please send me an email and include your full name and address so I can look into this for you.  You can send that email to Please also send a link to this forums post.  


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    Funny, when we've contacted the Public Service Commission in Louisiana, they claim they have nothing to do with internet service providers and can't help us at all. My advice is to do the same as my nephew did and file a complaint with the FCC, they do oversee ISPs. As for getting a credit because of the down time, good luck, I've never successfully demanded so much as one request for credit. WTFCox, original poster, I think those recent "updates" that have been going on since 2021, were updates alright, updates to slow throughput down, cause they sure have not increased throughput or stability. 

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    Tried calling customer service and asking for service interruption bill credit? I have never had any denied. I refuse to pay for service I don't get. I wish it was automatically applied, but they will do it for you. 

    I find it odd home many people post like this yet never seem to have told Cox to credit your bill for downtime. If for some reason they refuse (never seen it happen) contact the public service commission. 

  • Hi WTFCox,

    We'd be happy to investigate this issue and address your concerns; however, we will need some additional information to do so. Please email our team at Be sure to include this post, your full name, and your complete address. You can also reach out to us on Twitter ( or message us on Facebook (