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2.42 Download, 1.03 Upload speeds. Yeah!! Keep up the great work Cox. Your speeds are lighting FAST. Awesome!!!! I love paying for incredibly slow speeds.

I love Cox internet. They ALWAYS deliver on what they promise. They never NOT ever NOT deliver on what they promise. Great job. By far the most expensive in the valley, yet slowest speeds. GREAT work cox. you should be proud. 

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  • I understand wanting to get to the bottom of what could be causing the loss in speed. Are the speeds always slow or are you seeing an issue where speed loss happens randomly or during a particular time of day? If these results you're seeing are on a PC or MAC and with an Ethernet connection, then we may need to see about reserving a service appointment to have a technician take a closer look at what could be causing this issue. If intermittent, then this can make it difficult to diagnose, but support can assist in reserving a service appointment.

    You may email with your complete address and name, as well as speed tests completed while signed into My Account here: Completing a speed test while signed into My Account saves a springboard of information to the modem.

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