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Zip 85209 Mesa AZ--Noise On Backbone

I have hesitated to air this issue here but I believe the seriousness of the issue warrants an explanation of the problem I've been fighting for almost two years.

Keep in mind I am located in Mesa, Arizona Zip 85209 and your issue may be totally unrelated unless you live here as well.

The issue cropped up around two years ago  At that time I was on the 50/5 plan.  I noticed slower than normal speeds particularly on the up-link side.  I went through the exhaustive Cox phone help with eventual replacement of the modem on two separate occasions.  Neither replacement helped my problem.  During my many conversations with the phone troubleshooting folks they often commented to me they couldn't "see" my modem and therefore couldn't perform the reset remotely.  I found that troubling as that pointed to an issue outside my house.

After repeated technical visits to my house where every single connector, coaxial line, and jumper was replaced at least twice the staff then concentrated on the pedestal in the front yard.  Some sort of noise was being generated into the pedestal. After confirmation of the noise a Cox network tech (not a sub-contracted company) disconnected the culprit four blocks away from me.  Amazingly my service worked normal for the next 24 hours.

Unfortunately the problem returned.  At this point let me say repeated trouble tickets will eventually get you to a higher level place in line.  Even though it is frustrating as a customer to continually report the same problem believe me it eventually gets someones attention.  I was contacted three weeks ago from a senior Cox network supervisor who confirmed indeed my problem was noise and it was on their side of the house.  Specifically it was noise being generated and as it traveled the up-link side of their network it was being amplified and thrust onto the "backbone" of their network.  Needless to say folks this is serious stuff for Cox. I am not the only customer being affected as you can well imagine.

I was contacted yesterday, 10/21, by my contact who is just as frustrated as I am.  The noise builds but while troubleshooting its state is changed and the noise disappears.  When it does the backbone returns to normal activity but the noise will start to build again eventually taking over the up-link (egress) side of their network.

I spent my life in communications and therefore know the plight the Cox techs are having here in Mesa, AZ.  That's the reason I am sticking with Cox as my background wants to see this through with them and to share both their headaches and eventually joy when they find it.  Believe me I have thought about going to Centurylink, their competitor but I refuse to bail now since they are finally on a trail.

So, if you live in Mesa, AZ and have experienced the same basic things I have spoken about it may very well be the same noise issue I've had for a very long time.

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    We would also like to check the progress of this issue in your area. Would you send us an email at with your full address along with your name as well? This way we can see what is going on with this issue also.