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Zeus scam

It got me!  Can't use My browser due to Zeus pop up that threatens to erase my hard drive if I don't call the number provided. I have Windows 10.  I have tried a couple malwar removing programs to no avail and fear I am closing in on the most radical of solutions I.e., reformatting the hard drive.  Any guidance that would send me in a better direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can't be sure if this is just a ransom-ware popup to trick you into calling the number then trying to sell you maintenance or a real threat.  Does it give you a time limit to call the number?  Does it ask for an unlock code?  How would it know if you did call?  What anti-malware programs did you try?  I rely on Malwarebytes.  If you have a clean machine to use, you can download a bootable rescue disk, boot from that and see if it helps.  Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 is free and Kaspersky has a good reputation.  Good luck.  On thing, reformatting your hard drive is the same as erasing the drive.  If you are planning on reformatting anyway, you won't do any more damage trying to repair it.