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Zbot Virus

I received an email from Cox a couple of weeks ago about a virus that may have compromised my network. I tried to locate it by searching for it in safe mode, I tried deleting the extension (but it wasn't installed), used McAfee and Avast to scan for malware and viruses (there were none).  I also looked for suspicious programs in the control panel of my laptop. I was told by a tech-savvy friend that if my computer isn't behaving strangely then I shouldn't worry, but the email is stressing me out. I'm not even sure if there is a virus based on the steps I've already taken.  I should also add that my computer is as fast as it ever was, with no lagging, or other issues. 

Is it possible to have a dormant virus on my computer? Is there anything else I should do?

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    It is unlikely you would be able to search for a file named after a virus, as it would infect other files already there, however if you have run scans with a up to date virus scanner which McAfee and Avast should be as long the scans came back clean or where able to fix/quarantine the files you should be fine.

    Our network security emails when they detect virus like activity are only going off port traffic on our modem. So it could be any computer or device using a port known to be used by the specific virus.