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Yule log fireplace image ?

Previously a yule log fireplace image was available on Cox cable during the Holidays.  We have Contour but are unable to find this image On Demand.  Is it available?  How does one get to it?

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    Hi Mayzee,

    You can do a search through the Menu for 2016Yule Log and it should allow you the option to view it in SD or HD.

  • ReneeG:  Do you know if and when the channel featuring a fireplace with Christmas decorations and dogs will be back?


  • Hi Starbucks,

    Your ticket to holiday fun is found via the On Demand-->Holiday menu, in the "Extras" folder. You'll find the Yule Log, Yule Dogs, Broman the Snowman, Awesome Ornaments, Psychadelic Snowflakes, Purrfect Presents, and much more!